Neon Bogart is a collaboration between Jennifer Kingwell (The Jane Austen Argument) and Adam Rudegeair (Glasfrosch, Henry Manetta & The Trip) that melds the worlds of future-jazz and cabaret noir. A handful of exploratory performances throughout 2011 and 2012 in Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh have led to the development of a truly original sound that conjures visions of a future that is as bleak as it is breathtaking. Ranging from atmospheric 1920s-meets-24th-century ballads through to searing future-soul molecular boogaloo, Neon Bogart are blazing a trail like a bright comet through a nuclear-wasted night sky.

We are currently crowdfunding our debut EP and launch at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 Рto be a part of it, check out the campaign on Pozible  or find out more from Adelaide Fringe.