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The future is here. It is noir as f*ck. And it needs your help…

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To our supporters, future-dreamers, and interested bystanders:

Lauren Recall here.

Whether you’re busy storing your hoarded tin food in your Apocalypse bunker, or staring out the window at work wondering if at least it will give you an excuse to leave work early, or whether you’re blithely doing your Christmas shopping knowing that it’s all a fuss about nothing, one thing is for sure: the world is constantly changing. Nothing is certain. Even for an industry as chronically underfunded and volatile as music and the arts, these days often still feel like the true End of Days.

By now, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or in your bunker), somewhere for the past two years, you’ll likely have encountered crowdfunding in one form or another.

Perhaps you or a friend has enlisted the powerful support of your community, fanbase, extended family, and/or complete strangers to realise your dream; perhaps your favourite musician crowdfunded their last album and you realised the sense in pre-ordering the record you would have bought anyway, in order to make it possible in the first place.

Neon Bogart is jumping into the crowdfunding game and we need your help. To release our debut EP, ‘Split/Infinity’ and launch it at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 in all its neon future-noir glory, we need at least  $4695.

On top of that, we are lucky to be working with some incredibly talented artists, designers and craftspeople on a huge range of pledge rewards, including custom-designed future-noir jewellery, masks, artwork and much more…

… Including releasing either a 7” single or 10” EP if we reach certain goals above our crowdfunding target of $4500!! As much as we yearned to, we just couldn’t justify adding a vinyl release to the baseline costs of this project. But we can and we WILL, with a little help from our friends, fans and community.

I am so very excited about this project. I am excited about the music. I am excited about the future. Whether or not the world ends today (or in our time 300 years from now, as this guy and the 23rd century Digital X-ians maintain), what remains is the difference that we can make in each other’s lives in every. Last. Second. Through creating art, through experiencing and allowing it to change us in the smallest and the most profound ways, and through being a part of a community that supports and makes it happen.

Let’s go.

Please check out the campaign and the many, many amazing rewards on offer.

If you haven’t already, please ‘Like’ Neon Bogart on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @NeonBogart and @NeonRecall.

And please, please please, above everything else, please share the link to the campaign (www.pozible.com/neonbogart) – I know that it’s not always possible to support projects in a financial way, but believe me, if you can help us get the word to more people, it makes a huge difference.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and I will be seeing you in 2013.

xx LR


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